"You must unlearn, what you have learned.”

DO AUS 2015

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An Event Manager friend of mine gave me a great analogy for multi-tasking once. She described the mind as a bookcase made of a sturdy wood, able to hold an incredible amount of information and that this ‘mind shelf’ can get full very quickly when we are busy, or trying to multitask and manage many lines of thought and tasks. Once full, there is no room for additional items and in order to accommodate new tasks/thoughts/actions, previous inhabitants must be removed (consciously or not). Once off the shelf, those things are taken out of your mind completely, or perhaps if unconsciously removed, they get missed, misplaced, or forgotten.

Her point, so beautifully made, was that us as humans can only hold so much information at one time, it's not sustainable for our brains to constantly hold any more on its shelves than its quota. And if we're trying to do a million things at once, we may be working our minds super hard ...perhaps there are ways to work smarter not harder so that new stuff can get a gig!

Yesterday at the office I was interrupted by a weird sound coming from my mobile phone.. the Facebook Messenger App was letting me know a mate was calling. Concurrently an email notification decided to join in the chorus, making its well known dull ‘ding’, only to be challenged by the sound of my landline phone ringing. It was a peculiar moment, like a glitch in the Matrix and suddenly I found myself unable to prioritize any of these incoming requests to connect. I knew I was in the throws of a full blown Minor Mind Meltdown. This all happened when I was mid–way drafting a text to my Mum about lunch on Sunday and trying to write a Social Media Content Calendar.

I can really only blame myself for letting things get to this point, right? Right.

One of the delicious things about attending Do Lectures Australia is connection into the new. The beautiful remote location of Do Lectures is such that there is no phone reception (being over the other side of the Bogong High planes near stunning Falls Creek and Mount Hotham). Clearing and calming of the mind is a natural outcome of the events geographical location. Combined with having applied and gotten in, those who attend are ready to listen, learn and think openly and broadly.

A bit of a 'holiday for the mind' allows thoughts to naturally form without texts, social media, emails and meeting requests. Your attention is focused on the new. I find myself exhaling just writing that sentence.

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda said “You must unlearn, what you have learned” and I feel it would be wise to take his advice into my own hands. As a repeat offender of multi tasking and a lover of Social Media I am trying to practice my own ‘attention program' in my daily life whereby I turn off Social Media whilst working, and leave my phone on silent in another room and allow myself to check it periodically. It is a challenge, indeed. This is my own “How do I be attentive” and already I can tell you, my brain and my “To Do List” is high-fiving me.

It feels glorious.

Happy Wednesday to y’all.


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