For a little over six years now, we’ve been hosting DO Lectures. Three days a year where we create a microcosmic community that eat, sing, meet, learn but most importantly, get inspired. Because that is what DO is all about: inspiration, idea sparking, fire lighting.

First in Wales, then in San Francisco and soon, in Australia.

Not to toot our own horn, but the DO experience has been known to change people’s lives. That’s an incredible thing to be able to give to someone, and we want to be able to give that to you all; regardless of country, border or passport colour.

All you’ll need is an Internet connection.

Here on the DO blog, we want to recreate the experience you get at the Lectures and we want to inspire. Simple. We’ll be working every day of the week combing through both the web and our extensive back catalogue of talks to keep your creativity fueled.

We’ll be highlighting DO-ers from all around the world, we’ll be introducing you to great causes that could inspire you to DO a little good, we’ll be catching up with past speakers and we’ll be giving you a helping hand and a little insight into some our favourite DO Lectures.

Combined with news bulletins from anything and everything DO, our aim is to build a hub of useful information to help you to DO better.