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"Neither of us have ever worked on an event like DO, in our combined 20 years of event management. It's sometimes daunting for us to be honest.”

DO AUS 2015

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I watched Dead Poet’s Society not long ago, just after Robin Williams passed away. I had always loved the idea of being a teacher. My whole family are teachers. Aunts, Uncles, even my big brother is a teacher at an International School in Turkey – it is a noble activity, this teaching. It is not a job or a career, it is a purpose. And this is what I think Do is all about, teaching. And the best teachers we remember forever – they stick in our minds, reminding you of a time when you were truly and utterly engaged and interested.

Matty and my journeys into building this brilliant event has been certainly interesting. We have been pouring over the debrief notes from last year, highlighting things and revisiting them - building on them, or pulling them back to their simplest form, all the while being suitably in awe by the people we get to meet, and the direction we are taking. Neither of us have ever worked on an event like Do, in our combined 20 years of event management. It's sometimes daunting for us to be honest.

I have watched Pete Williams talk 4 times.

That is an hour of watching one person say the same thing over and over, and every time I watch it I seem to take more from the words. I keep playing it when I feel like I am coming up against a barrier or when I am daunted by the enormity of what we are trying to achieve. Pete's talk resonates with me, and if every single person who encounters a Do Talk online has the same reaction, then we really are pushing the human race forward. It is a beautiful thing.

We have a solid legion of volunteers who are the most excited people on the planet.

We have new ideas for what the stage is going to look like.

We have revisited how we are going to capture the event on film.

We have engaged our creative side to develop little, interesting, eye catching ‘fairy dust’ moments on site to make the event more mysterious and shareable for our guests.

We have been to Payne's Hut.

We have shared a meal and hugged goodbye to Tess and Graeme.

We have shared food ideas with chef Brooke Payne.

We have touched the ground where the Tipi is going to rest.

We have done some rehearsal dance moves on the wooden floors at the Barn.

I like to think that things are cooking with gas.

These teachers I mentioned earlier possibly gave you the foundations of deciding on what you wanted to do with your life. We have decided to work with people we love and DO work that makes our hearts pound with the same enthusiasm as a small child with a pet penguin. For us, it is the difference that makes the difference.

Oh, I mentioned Dead Poet’s Society didn’t I? The reason is that I hope you all can make a note of this line from Williams’ character Professor John Keating from the movie somewhere. In your diary, phone, on a chalkboard or store it somewhere in the shelves of your mind.

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”


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