Youth Design Summit

KIDmob are a mobile, integrated, kid focussed design firm. After spending time in workshops with today's youth, they believe that the current core education system is outdated and ineffective. While we're facing a tomorrow that is brimming with lightening fast technological advances, ever trickier politics and impossible world crises; critical thinking, creative problem solving and communication are imperative skills that traditional schooling is sadly lacking.

With a community of over thirty designers, architects, artists and engineers, KIDmob direct their workshops at the intersection of kids, community and design to nurture the entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers of the future.

They've been doing this since 2011 to rapid success, but now they're going one step further. This April, KIDmob are using creativity as an international bridge to bring together three disparate communities of twenty-four empathic students in order to incubate ideas that can change their world.

With one class from California and two from Haiti, the event will mesh together different cultures, perspectives and methods but will unite through one common goal. Learn, invent, change.

KIDmob are funding their summit on Kickstarter and are on their final push towards their target. Arming our youth with the tools they'll need as an adult is surely a worthy cause. Why not help out?