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Photography By Mark Lobo

Massive Thanks

DO speaker & filmmaker Carly Heaton

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We are a community of DO-ers. We hustle, we make things happen, we get stuff done. And in this lightening fast, highly digitalised, right-this-very-second culture, it's easy to forget that sometimes in life, the things that matter shouldn't be rushed.

Our talks are definitely one of those things.

They're lovingly crafted, put together in a way that encapsulates the magic of the real-time moment. That takes time.

For us on the DO AUS team, it was our first editing experience. We learnt a lot, we took our time, we cared enough to make them perfect.

And now, they're ready.

So if you couldn't quite make it to our three DO Destinations this year, don't worry. Because you are now officially invited to a new DO. DO Online. You can even attend from your sofa. Fun, right?

Every Tuesday from 23rd September, we'll be launching our brand new talks here. A live chat will run alongside the very first airing, where you can re-connect with fellow DO-ers and even chat to the speaker themselves.


Tuesday, 23 September
8:00pm Will Dayble, 8:30pm Jan Stewart

Wednesday, 24 September
8:00pm Michelle Matthews, 8:30pm Peter Williams

Tuesday, 30 September
8:00pm Luke Pearson, 8:30pm Carly Heaton, 9:00pm Tim Ross

Tuesday, 7 October
8:00pm Shannon Eeles, 8:30pm Hannah Cutts, 9:00pm Jeremy Forbes

Tuesday, 14 October
8:00pm Geoff Manchester, 8:30pm Mark Reeves, 9:00pm Olivia Hilton

Tuesday, 21 October
8:00pm Corinne Proske, 8:30pm Tess & Graham Payne, 9:00pm Nick Jaffe

Tuesday, 28 October
8:00pm Steve Killelea, 8:30pm Ross Hill, 9:00pm Louis-Jacques Darveau


Times are stated in Sydney and Melbourne times, but you can figure out your own launch time by clicking here. Bear in mind that times may shift slightly, depending on speaker availability and also be mindful of daylight savings so DO check back each week to take part.