Wanderlust 052





  1. Escape to the craggy west coast of Ireland and into the surf with DO Wales speaker Fergal Smith.
    — YouTube
  2. Remember Felix Baumgater? The guy who did that space jump two years ago? Of course you do, the media fanfare was enormous. Well, this week, Felix's record was quietly broken by Google executive Alan Eustace, age 57. Sometime's achievements are so big, they don't need the hype.
    — Twisted Sifter
  3. Why dress up for just one night when you could dress up for the whole month? Photographer Gina Less celebrates Halloween by putting together a different costume every day throughout October for her daughter Willow.
    — Laughing Squid
  4. 'Hotel Not Hotel' in Amsterdam is not cut from the same cloth as most hotels. Forget the tepid neutrals and hard wearing carpet, each room in this hotel is fantastically unique.
    — Lancia Trend Visions
  5. Print's version of IMDb, 'Little White Lies' condense their extensive no-nonsense knowledge on film and produce their very first book. Perfect for fellow film buffs.
    — Cool Hunting


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