Wanderlust 051





  1. Get to know Fore / Adventure - a guide to a more positive connection to nature - through this lovely introductory film. Forage, fish, kayak, camp - they've got it all covered.
    — Vimeo
  2. The nights are closing in earlier and earlier but there's still ways to make the most out of those crisp autumnal evenings. Like with one of these awesome fire burners. Who says keeping warm needs to be without a little flare?
    — Neatorama
  3. Mind blowing Alaskan ice caves captured by Ron Gil. Ah, nature, you are clever.
    — Fubiz
  4. From November 7th - 9th, 8000 spheres of light will form the Lichtgrenze - a ten mile installation that follows the original footprint of the Berlin Wall. For that one weekend, Berlin will once again be divided into east and west, a poignant reminder of the city's darker times.
    — Vice
  5. A branch of Latvian cyclists banded together to stage a creative protest. Making to-scale skeletons of cars out of bamboo, the group displayed the size difference between driver and cyclist on the road.
    — Design Boom


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