Wanderlust 045





  1. Architecture graduate Mason St Peter built himself an idyllic little getaway in the middle of the woods. Serious boy zone stuff. Simplistically minimal, the cabin in just big enough as a place to store his surfing equipment and catch the occasional afternoon nap.
    — Fubiz
  2. Are we a McDonalds generation of music listeners? 'The Distortion Of Sound' documentary looks into the changes technology has made to music.
    — So Bad So Good
  3. 330 feet above the ground and a staggering 560 feet long, The Trift Bridge in the swiss alps is the longest pedestrian-only bridge. Feeling brave?
    — Kuriositas
  4. Living from a tent while travelling can be pretty gruelling. But then, you get to wake up to views likes this. 'Morning Views From The Tent' is a series by photographer Oleg Grigoryev.
    — Grigoryev
  5. Although our lives are becoming increasingly digitalised, there's still no escaping the paperwork. The G-Feller Document case from Best Made Co is hardy and easy on the eye - a winning combination.
    — Best Made Co


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