Veronika Scott

With their 'one stitch closer' campaign, Gap introduce us to Veronika Scott, the founder of The Empowerment Plan.

While in school, she saw a very real problem facing her community in Detroit, a state where one in forty-two people in the city are homeless. With shelters overwhelmed and under supported, too many people find themselves bracing the harsh Detroit weather with no home, no bed and no place to get warm.

Veronika designed a coat. Not just any coat, but one that could adapt throughout the day to form a sleeping bag. It solved a very real problem, but that wasn't enough. While useful, the coat was only a band-aid for a symptom of the greater ill: homelessness itself. And the lack of jobs that caused it. Yes, these people would benefit from having something to keep them warm, but what they really needed was the opportunity to get themselves off the street to begin with.

Several years on, Veronika's work force is made up of the former homeless community that the coat was designed for. It's a cycle of aid - from the bandaid to the cure. And it's empowering a whole forgotten demographic.

Follow the story of The Empowerment Plan from concept to fruition with this uplifting film.