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"We need to have a better relationship with nature because as soon as we have that, we'll make better choices.”

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"Shit food equals shit health equals shit life."

It was Rohan's simple yet powerful message when he spoke at The DO Lectures this June. It was at once a reality check and a call to arms against a disease that riddles our society. A disease that is killing more people that smoking cigarettes.


Despite the fact our world has never been so intelligent - so technologically advanced - our relationship with food and our connection to its source has become a wider and wider chasm.

We settle for convenience above nutrition. We fly in vegetables from the other side of the world that we could grow easily in our gardens. And the hidden ingredients in processed supermarket goods are forgotten behind the quick and easy beep-beep of the microwave.

We have all been there. Rohan has been there. And it was making him sick. It's making us all sick.

The solution? Get back to nature. Make better choices. That simple.

Rohan has been living off the land - growing his own veg, hunting his own meat, catching his own fish - documenting it on his popular blog Whole Larder Love and, in the process, understanding the primitive link to health. No matter how evolved we are, gathering our own food is what we are designed for. It's just, for most of us, we've forgotten how.

That's why Rohan, with his partner Kate, want to launch The Nursery Project; a hobby farm based in the Central Highlands of regional Victoria, Australia. It will be a community-centered haven, a place where people can come and learn how to get back to the source of their own food.

Today, they kick off their crowd funding campaign in a bid to raise the $450,000 they need to make this work. Why not check out their page, chip in and help change the health of the world - one person at a time.