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"Every aspect of this event was beautiful, good and true.”

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The Juxtaposition of Our Inner and Outer Work

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DO AUS 2015


Photography by Mark Lobo

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It’s one week after the amazing first Do Lectures Australia. Hats off to Sam Bell and Mel Jacobsen for pulling off an incredible 100 person event, run on generator power in the beautiful and enlivening remote Victorian Alpine region 6 hours from Melbourne. That says it all really. Dream big, do big, inspire big.

Every aspect of this event was beautiful, good and true. The location, the accommodation, the food, the speakers, the MC (the wonderful Col Duthie), the campfires, the bush dance, the conversation, the volunteers, the care, the calm, the laughter, the tears, the truth, the beauty, the goodness, the ideas to create an ever better world. I strongly recommend this event next year, it was and will be life changing.

A lot of us post-Do have taken this week to sit with the experience, to see what most impressed us, and to see what is next, what is emerging. Stay tuned to see what these doers have next in store for the world.

Thank you to David and Clare Hieatt for getting the ball rolling and bringing Do Lectures into the world. The world is a better place. 

Fast forward – 3 months later, reflecting on my experience as a speaker, I would say that the whole experience of being asked to speak at Do, and the following few months leading up to the actual talk and event, were profound.

The context for a Do talk is that it is the talk of your life. This caused me to reflect a lot, rehearse a lot, develop the talk a lot, and then let it all go. It was only once I was in front of the Do crowd that it came to me what to include and what not to include. Two of my friends in the crowd had tears in their eyes at the end so I knew I had touched something in people.

Looking at the video of my talk afterwards made me realise two things: that I can still develop more as a public speaker, and that I do have an important message to share about freedom and oneness. The whole experience of Do was very deep, life transforming for me and for many others. Go next year if you can.