New Talks | DO Australia 2014

Shannon Eeles
Hannah Cutts
Jeremy Forbes
Geoff Manchester
Mark Reeves
Olivia Hilton


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Just incase you're yet to catch DO Australia's live launches each Tuesday, here's a roundup of the latest brand new talks to make their way from the land down under.

So why not cherry pick yourself one, carve out twenty minutes and make the most of a fresh shot of inspiration.

1. Making a Difference / Shannon Eeles

A born problem-solver, Shannon frequently asks herself what she can do that will make the biggest possible difference. This question has taken her from founding autism education programs to becoming a budding politician. Next up, Prime Minister?

2. A Sense of Humour Goes a Long Way / Hannah Cutts

Hannah's reflection on pivotal moments in her life show how we are the sum of our parts. Sport, a scholarship, divorcing parents, art, design, turning collecting into curating, finding joy, the inimitable adventures of Roger and Darth are all part of being a successful creative.

3. Pragmatic Dreams / Jeremy Forbes

Jeremy is a tradie who saw something dark and sad happening amongst tradespeople. It is a big problem, the sort that people generally shy away from addressing. He wanted to call a halt to it. So he opened the floodgates and galvanised a community into taking action.

4. Responsible Business / Geoff Manchester

Geoff started his business as a traveller. He didn’t start with profit in mind, and yet it’s been a great success. Why? Focus on purpose, service and culture, and the rest comes.

5. Leadership Circles / Mark Reeves

Mark is fascinated by the way circles keep appearing: from Indigenous communities sitting around a fire, to modern-day government sitting at a boardroom table. As a leader who has studied and taught leadership, Mark believes it involves collaborative decision-making which is often wisely carried out in a circle.

6. Finding Purpose Requires Hard Questions / Olivia Hilton

As a successful entrepreneur, Olivia’s true purpose was discovered during a stint as a volunteer in Africa. This is where she witnessed that good intentions aren’t always enough, and made her determined to create a smarter social sector.