More New Talks | DO AUS 2014

Corinne Proske
Tess & Graham Payne
Nick Jaffe
Steve Killelea
Ross Hill
Louis Jacques-Darveau


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For the last month, we've been surprised and delighted every week with New DO Tuesday and the live launch of the latest talks from the DO-ers-down-under.

Today saw the finale, the completion, the finishing of the set. It's a full house. So settle back, settle down and set yourself up for a hit of brand new inspiration.

1. The Power of Small / Corinne Proske

Corinne had a dream. A dream to provide economic empowerment to those locked out of the financial system. And she wanted to do this from within a large corporation. This is a story of how passion, persuasion and persistence have packed powerful outcomes for many.

2. Welcome Home / Tess and Graham Payne

How a second chance at love, a pact to follow each other’s dreams, and a passion for hospitality, community, and the Aussie landscape, combined to build a bridge from a land of no hope to a land of plenty for this engaging and inspiring couple.

3. A Different Way of Doing Things / Nick Jaffe

Autonomy, independence, environmentalism, and taking a different approach are the things that drive Nick. Many twenty-somethings fly home after a sojourn in Europe. Not Nick, he sailed solo from Europe to Australia: despite having never sailed before.

4. Peace and Prosperity / Steve Killelea

Steve Killelea looks at peace differently. He has dedicated his life to peace and explains how the challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century can’t be solved without it.

5. Doing What’s Next / Ross Hill

Virtual and physical travelling, wondering, and exploring are essential components in Ross’s quest to discover what’s on the other side. We all have our different maps and Ross believes by sharing our worlds we can bring a crowd together to achieve awesomeness.

6. The Things That Matter / Louis-Jacques Darveau

Louis-Jacques takes you along a path less travelled. Along the way you’ll encounter transitions, global weirding, fragility, consumerism, and the changing milieu. You’ll be left questioning how you will measure your life, and what your legacy will be.