Julian Love


Julian Love
Handmade London

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As a photographer, Julian Love has worked on campaigns for Canon, Simple, Dove and Samsung. He’s known and respected for his portrait and lifestyle work but his most recent project named, ‘Handmade London’ – a project he has initiated himself – is gaining him a lot of attention.

Entirely disillusioned with the endless conveyor belt of mass produced products from anonymous factories on the other side of the world, Julian began seeking out the true artisans in his city of London.

Amidst a backlash against the loss of manufacturing in Britain, London in particular has seen a huge resurgence in individuals and companies taking a step away from technology to do things the old fashioned way. They're rediscovering the genius behind the craft and what it is to really make something with their bare hands.

From bicycle frame makers, to screen printers to coffee roasteries; Julian has sought out the very best skill and creativity around him and captured it in a beautiful and candid way. The series, which he spent more than six months working on, not only depicts the uprising of the maker but celebrates the wealth of talent Britain has to offer.