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DO AUS 2015


Photography By Mark Lobo

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Each DO may only last a few days, but for the other three-hundred odd left in the year, the team are continually working away. A honey comb does not magically emerge oozing with golden elixir, it is the result of a lot of busy bees building, tinkering and developing.

For something as sweet as DO, there’s an equal amount of hard work to do behind the scenes.

After the last tent is folded down, we take maybe a week to recover, to recoup and replenish. Then, striking hot on the serge of inspiration, our refreshed-by-Do minds start looking towards next year.

How can things work better? How can we take DO to another level?

We encourage each other with ideas and we wonder which speakers will strike the chord of motivation in others. We ponder, inquire, design, we experiment and move quickly to bring these plans to fruition.

That's how the Do Lectures Australia crew came up with new ticket types - Duo and Team.

A Duo ticket could be a father / daughter pairing, or partners, business founders, or maybe even mentors and mentees. DO is most definitely an experience to be shared, so who would you have at your side?

Team tickets are guaranteed seats for five lucky work mates. Like team bonding on steroids, bagging yourself this ticket will mean you inject a serious motivational boost into your company in one fowl swoop. Not to mention the renewed morale, sheesh.

Both of these tickets are slightly more expensive so that spots can be reserved together. Our application process means that applying for multiple single tickets wouldn’t guarantee you a joint experience. With the help of our awesome partners and sponsors, we’ve worked out the best possible price for each ticket set, Doing our best to offer great value.

See the new ticket offers here.


This spurring of ideas is also how Do Online came to be. It's an experiment on how we launch new talks. Whether it’ll work or not … who knows. But the excitement is in the trying.

(Search #DoLectures on Twitter to see the excitement and here's your ticket.)

See you at Do!