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Attention! Attention! Calling all Australian DO-ers. We've got a very special announcement: we've decreased the price of Do Lectures Australia tickets BIG time.

"Yahooo," people cheer! Check out the deets here.

Why? Well ... the epiphany for the Do-Croo-Down-South this week is that in reducing Individual and Duo ticket prices we'll welcome into the Talks Tent a broader range of Australian DO-ers from different professions and industries.

And the bonus - with more dollars in their pockets, it'll support DO-ers who come to do more amazing things.

More DO ripple effects. That's what we're about. The Croo is the equivalent of one person and we're flat out finding partners who subsidise the costs and creating next year's Do. Aim high we say. So it's over to you to get the word out there.

We need your help to gather Australian DO-ers and those further afield who wish for their own Aussie DO updraft.

Stop reading this now and scan your little black book.
Search your LinkedIn.
Checkout your twitter peeps.
Write a post on Facebook.
Spread the invitation wide.

Call the people you know who are up for taking their life and work to another level. People who are a bit stuck, who could do with a leg up. People who seek more creative ideas and more connections with incredible people to take what they Do further. People who are DOing amazing things - what could they go onto to do.

Encourage that Doctor to apply to attend Do. The Socialworker who always inspires you. Mention it to the guy who's started a new business and is just getting into the thick of making it happen. Tap on the shoulder the person you know who's a bit stuck where they are and has great potential.

What about your colleague - would you love them to take their current project to great heights? Let them know that they're perfect for the experience. That we all DO in our unique way. It's all important. Taking it to another height is possible too.

Call on those artists, sportspeople, graphic designers, farmers, teachers, physicists, builders, occupational therapists, TV producers, pilots, leaders you know in businesses who deserve an 'updraft experience'. At the $2,000 price, there are so many who will setup their next year and beyond so well, they'll find answers to current issues (it happens naturally at DO), and do it in a very short amount of time.

Click on the photos on this post and save. Share and use as tweets / posts on your sites to be motivate people to apply and to read the blog, watch the talks online to get an impression.

Let them know they've until 14th November to apply (we've extended by 2 weeks), which they can do online here.

And do it again tomorrow. And next week. And the one after. Keep on DOing it.

Even after 14th November. We love a bit of spunk and breaking the rules. If we're inspired enough you know we'll work hard to make it happen for DO-ers.

Let's get the DO-ers together. Make it happen.


P.S! Thank you to those who've submitted their wonderful applications. You've now a little longer to wait to hear from us and you gain the bonus saving of $1,000 towards what you DO!