5 Giving Chairs At DO Australia


Photography by Jonathan Cherry

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The first of anything is always special. No wonder there is quite an audience anticipating the inaugural Do Lectures Australia. Imagine being at the first Burning Man, the first Glastonbury, the first South by South West.

Although we’re working hard to bring DO Australia together for April, we’re also keeping in touch with our followers. We’re sensing many would love to attend but can’t afford the ticket. We get that. We also understand that a great event like The Do Lectures is made up of a remarkable, driven and diverse audience. So with that in mind, it’s important that students and people who are keen can be a part of it too.

To help make that happen, we are after 5 companies who will buy a ticket and then give that place away to a person that we think is extraordinary. You will buy a ‘Giving Chair’. We will then create a special chair for them. And we will put your name on the back of the chair, so everyone knows that you paid for that student to be at the event. As part of the ‘Giving Chair’ programme, the recipient will come to your business and do a talk about what they learned at The Do Lectures. So your people get to learn what they have learnt too. It’s a ‘Giving Chair’, all right. A give that keeps on giving.

Now we just need to find 5 Giving Companies.

Are you one?

Contact the DO Crew for more info.